Client of the Week

The Kentucky Law Review Institute (KLRI) designs and administers course materials to help law students pass the bar exam.

KLRI faced a problem of anticipating the number of law students for each course and having enough materials printed to meet the demand. If KLRI underestimated the number, they didn’t have enough course materials. If KLRI overestimated, they were stuck with stacks of obsolete documents.

Westerfield-Bonte solved KLRI’s challenge with the Online Document Warehouse Ordering System (ODWOS). We created an online catalog for course materials and integrated it with their existing web site.

Students could go online, order class materials and have the materials drop-shipped the next business day.

Since KLRI’s course materials were only printed as needed, they saved money and valuable storage space. And we stored their documents digitally, so they could regularly update course materials without the costly penalties associated with traditional printing methods.

For more information about the Online Document Management Warehouse System (ODWOS), visit our ODWOS Tour.