Online Document Warehouse Ordering System

  1. Look out for your resources: You’re not in the document business. And yet most of your company’s time and resources go to printing, storing, and shipping documents.
  2. It’s easy and inexpensive to update documents: When you need to modify or update your documents, traditional printing methods can leave you stuck with obsolete materials and wasted money. Westerfield-Bonte can change all of that.
  3. Digital printing can solve your problems: With our Online Digital Warehouse Ordering System (ODWOS), Westerfield-Bonte can store your documents electronically and print them only as you need them. Whether it’s 1 or 1000, Westerfield-Bonte can quickly fill your order.
  4. Last minute changes are not a problem with ODWOS: Need to make a change at the last minute? No problem. Our process allows you to continually update your documents in a way that simply is not available through traditional printing. Have your documents printed as you need them and eliminate obsolete materials and waster money.
  5. Add a level of high-tech customer service: With the ODOWS, you customers can visit a customized web site 24 hours a day and order any combination or quantity of documents from your personalized online document catalog.
  6. We personalize our site just for you: We design your online document catalog to seamlessly integrate with your existing web site, if you have one. And if you don’t have a website, we’ll create a customized ODWOS site just for you.
  7. Order documents anytime with 1 day turnaround: Ordering documents is easy for your customers. Authorized visitors simply enter a unique code. General visitors can purchase documents with a secure transaction ordering form. In either case, customers can place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have their documents shipped the next business day.
  8. No more warehouse full of obsolete documents: Since we don’t print your documents until they’ve been ordered, you’ll never end up with a warehouse full of obsolete documents. And your dedicated Westerfield-Bonte representative can easily add, remove, or modify the documents in your catalog at your request.
  9. Find out more about Westerfield-Bonte and ODWOS: With the Online Document Warehousing and Ordering System (ODWOS), you can improve customer service while reducing costs and administrative headaches. To find out more about this revolutionary system, contact Westerfield-Bonte today.