While some might view folding, trimming, and binding as secondary operations, we at Westerfield-Bonte recognizing that finishing is an essential part of any print job. That’s why we maintain an in-house bindery operation that serve our customers’ finishing needs.

We maintain an in-house bindery operation that¬†serve our customers’ finishing needs


  • in-house folding, trimming and binding
  • faster turn-around time
  • lower costs
  • dependability
  • integrating with digital printing

PROJECT #1: complete printing solutions


We need to quickly produce 100-500 paperback books. Other printers say they have to send binding out to other companies, slowing the process considerably. What can Westerfield-Bonte do?


We are one of the only printers in this area to offer short-run perfect binding with speedy turnarounds. We pride ourselves on offering complete printing solutions for our clients.

PROJECT #2: your full service printer


Does Westerfield-Bonte offer bindery services? Or are those services sent out to other vendors?


Westerfield-Bonte is a full-service printer, which lets us offer you fast, cost-effective services. Specifically, we offer perfect binding, saddle stitching, wire binding, GBC binding, tape binding, and note drilling.

PROJECT #3: the DocuTech system


Can you wire-bind digitally printed documents?


Yes. All bindery options are available for both digitally and traditionally-printed documents. However, with digital printing, you’ll probably want to take advantage of the DocuTech system’s in-line proportional stitching and thermal binding for the fastest turnaround time.