Offset Printing

While the technology has changed, offset printing is still a craft demanding experience, expertise, and a drive for quality. At Westerfield-Bonte, we have nearly 90 years of experience in offset printing and can put that experience to work with your projects.

We maintain an in-house bindery operation that serve our customers’ finishing needs.


  • we have 90 years experience
  • long print runs
  • cost effective
  • experienced staff
  • full-color capabilities

PROJECT #1: digital or traditional

offset printingChallenge

Our company has locations in several states. We want to create an attractive, colorful newsletter with both company-wide and market-specific information. Should we go with digital or traditional printing?


Actually, a combination of traditional and digital printing might be the best solution. For example, you could create a full-color shell and print 5,000 to 10,000 on our traditional offset press. The market-specific information could then be added on a second pass using our digital-printing technology.

PROJECT #2: experts at offset printing

Client Question

Westerfield-Bonte is clearly a leader in digital printing technology. Do you provide the same level of service in traditional printing?

Our offset solution

Yes. We’ve been in the printing business since 1910 and are experts at offset printing. The presses we use, including those from Heidelberg, Hashimoto, and Hamada, are the best in the business.